The Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee, Inc. Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for September 13th at 6:00 (PM). The link provided below will allow attendance through the Zoom Webinar Platform (further instructions are included if needed on the notice of Meeting & Agenda in Resources. In-person attendance is also welcome for any individuals at the AWAC corporate office. Due to space restrictions, it is requested for any attendees wishing to be present to confirm, by e-mailing us at or contacting our office prior (909-336-2755).

Virtual Attendance Through Zoom

A Letter to Home Owners

July 28, 2023
Dear Arrowhead Woods Community Members,

I want to acknowledge that we have been relatively quiet in recent times. Please know that this silence has not been inaction; rather, it has been a period of intense focus, centralized upon addressing the constructive comments and concerns raised over the last few months. We understand the significance of open dialogue and transparency in building a stronger foundation for our organization and fostering a positive relationship with you, our homeowners. To achieve this, we have been actively working on implementing new policies, platforms, and organizational structures. As part of this effort, we are establishing future committees and communication standards to ensure we can provide timely updates and correspond with you directly through an internal owner database.

For homeowners impacted by the 2023 storm, we have taken measures to ease the burden, including fee waivers, accelerated processing of applications and committee reviews, as well as prioritizing field inspections to streamline the issuance of permits and approvals. Additionally, we are actively addressing the overwhelming amount of tree permits, ensuring that homeowners have approval to comply with insurance clearance requirements and county ordinances.

To expedite the process further, AWAC has been collaborating with local contractors and engineering firms, employing methods such as photos, facetime calls, videos and affidavits. Thanks to the combined efforts and volunteer work of these professionals, the organization has been able to manage the unparalleled number of submitted applications. We cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for all of you who have stepped up during this challenging period, despite your already overwhelming workloads.

In a proactive effort of improving communications and community interaction, we have implemented an “advocacy program”, of which community concerns/complaints are reviewed and when appropriate, addressed to find an amicable resolution. Our website is currently undergoing active updates, and once completed, it will be a comprehensive resource for all homeowners. It will include ALL recorded CC&R’s for tracts within AWAC’s jurisdiction, fillable and e-sign forms, directions on submitting applications, financial updates, board agendas, meeting minutes, opportunities for community involvement and the latest organization updates and newsletters.

As part of our efforts to streamline processes and improve efficiency, we have partnered with Cloudpermit for permit submissions and code enforcement concerns. This platform allows for online submissions, paperless processing, instant tracking and detailed updates to all principals at each stage of the approval process. We are also partnering with Paymentus, a secure system for online payments; which will be integrated with the new platform, to allow for timely and convenient methods of submitting all future fees. Our GIS Map with the County is nearing completion, and the platform is scheduled to be live no later than November 01, 2023. This system will provide a paperless repository available to current and future homeowners, including surveys, plans, colors, materials and other vital information.

While we value our partnerships and collaborations with local entities and organizations, we believe in asserting our autonomy to serve the best interests of our community and strive to remain independent. As such, we have submitted the attached correspondence to Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh’s office, as requested, to facilitate the amendment and/or redaction pertaining to the California Code Government Code, Section 61105 (k), as applicable to Lake Arrowhead, Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee and Lake Arrowhead Community Services District (as created by the passing of SB 1405). These new programs and partnerships are part of our commitment of leveraging technology in an effort of reducing financial needs for staffing, and decreasing operating costs, all while enhancing transparency and streamlining processes in an effort to continue operations as an independent organization.

As we move forward, I want to emphasize the importance of your active engagement. Your participation and constructive feedback are crucial to AWAC’s growth and commitment to our community. We are not only listening, we are also taking action, as demonstrated by the initiatives mentioned in this letter. In the words of Frank Ocean, “work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.”
Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this pivotal time for our organization. We are committed to creating a better future for AWAC and its benefits to the community.

Crystal Upton, Executive Director, AWAC