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Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee, Inc.
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Arrowhead Woods Property Owners, this is going to be a difficult year once again.  The severe drought, lack of cold weather and stressed trees has encouraged the bark beetle to thrive once again.  If you believe your trees may be infected, please contact a tree contractor, landscaper or arborist to assess your trees. 

Several years ago, the Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee implemented a Fuel Reduction Plan to help reduce the risk of fire in our community and still preserve our native forest environment.  This Plan is still in effect and is included in our Guide for Owning Property in Arrowhead Woods.  We encourage every property owner to maintain defensible space around their properties. 

Arrowhead Woods property owners must receive AWAC approval before removing, pruning, shaping or in any way altering trees 6-inches or more in diameter (measured 4 ½ feet above the ground). Applications for tree trimming or removal may be obtained on line at www.awac.biz or by calling the office at (909) 336-2755.  Upon receipt of the application, two copies of a detailed plan for tree trimming/removal (the plan may consist of a drawing or a written description of the proposed removal/trimming) and application fee of $50, an inspector will review your request and you will receive written notification of the decision within fifteen (15) days.  If approval is granted, a permit card will be issued.  Permit card must be posted at the job site.  If you have a hazardous situation, please contact us immediately to expedite the process.

The Architectural Committee is dedicated to preserving the character of the Arrowhead Woods and will work diligently and expeditiously to assist your tree trimming and removal needs.

Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee, Inc.
A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation
P.O. Box 2026 - Lake Arrowhead CA 92352
Phone: (909) 336-2755 - Fax: (909) 336-1016 - E-Mail: info@awac.biz