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The Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation with broad powers dating from 1923 to enforce the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) attached to all properties in Arrowhead Woods. Arrowhead Woods consists of 4,886 acres of land surrounding Lake Arrowhead. The land is divided into approximately 10,000 parcels.

Our purpose, and yours, should be to maintain the quality of design, certain minimum living space requirements, attractiveness, individuality, harmony with surrounding houses, energy conservation, and many other factors, which protect and enhance property values in Arrowhead Woods.

The Committee has the authority and responsibility to maintain and manage the trees in Arrowhead Woods in a way consistent with aesthetics, a healthy forest, and the requirements of fuel hazard reduction.

Early deed restrictions described permissible site development, architectural standards, building size and control over trees and provided for enforcement by an architectural committee. The Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee (AWAC) holds this legacy of responsibility and authority.

The Committee is made up of volunteer members who represent all property owners in Arrowhead Woods. An Executive Director provides continuity of operation and carries out administrative activities. The Committee also contracts for the services of an onsite inspector, and a licensed arborist.

The Committee seeks to protect the rights of all property owners in order to benefit the entire community. The commitment of each and every property owner and prospective property owner to this goal will assist the Committee in protecting and preserving the quality of the community as we know it.

Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee, Inc.
A California Non-Profit Public Corporation
P.O. Box 2026 - Lake Arrowhead CA 92352
Phone: (909) 336-2755 - Fax: (909) 336-1016 - E-Mail: info@awac.biz